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Welcome to Ukraine Volunteer Resources Wiki!


This wiki provides all kinds of volunteer resources to help people volunteer for Ukraine.

Why is it a wiki type website? Because:

  1. Everyone can contribute content to make this site grow faster and better.
  2. The English content can be translated into different languages, making it easy for people with poor English skills to know how to volunteer for Ukraine.

How to use this wiki?

  • For people who want to volunteer for Ukraine : You can find any information here to help you prepare to volunteer for Ukraine better.
  • For people who want to share or provide volunteer resources : Once you create an account, you can create a new page, edit a page, help translate to different languages, introduce volunteer organizations. Together we will make this wiki better. To avoid changes of bad intention, there are moderators I trust who are long term volunteers in Ukraine to help moderate any change of content.


Volunteer organizations


If you plan to go to Ukraine to volunteer, below is the list you should check before you go to Ukraine.