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Please bare with us. We’ll get more information here shortly. A lot of work is being done offline in getting the logistics done for this mission.

In 2016, Macer Gifford set up a medical unit in Syria called the TMU (Tactical Medical Unit). We crowdfunded £7000, acquired two ambulances and 15 combat medics. Over a 16 month period, the unit treated hundreds of Syrian casualties, trained hundreds of local volunteers in life-saving techniques and distributed vital aid to local government.  

International volunteers save lives. We proved it in Syria and now we have to bring our skills to Ukraine.

The terrain, the particular needs of the Ukrainian military and the enemy that we’ll be fighting means that we’ll have to bring the very best equipment with us. Our fundrazer will aim for around 15,000 British pounds. This will allow us to buy an armoured land rover, personal protective equipment and medical supplies for our first team.

This team will deploy immediately to the frontline, with other teams following as funds come available.

We want to be absolutely clear here, the ambition is to create a Ukrainian version of the white helmets. The people pf Ukraine are fighting like lions in defence of their country, we must do our part to support them.

Please feel free to fill out the form below to send us your information if you’re interested in joining the Nightingale Squadron or donate for this worthwhile life-saving mission.

Slava Ukraini!

About the Founder

Macer Gifford, originally from Cambridge, England, volunteered with the Kurdish forces in Rojava (North Syria) and led tactical medical teams that treated hundreds of casualties in a war zone. He’s driven to bring help where it’s needed and this is an experience he’s very familiar with. He’s done this before. 

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Macer Gifford in Rojava with the Kurdish YPG

Macer Gifford on TwitterMacer can be found on Twitter at @macergifford

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